What do you do exactly in your company?

Majorly we are Real Estate Developer, we solve accommodation challenges for people, we build, sell, and rent out the house, we are also into construction, facility management, and agency services

Is your company registered with the government?

Yes, it is fully registered with necessary quarters involved in company’s registration in the country

What can I buy from you?

You can buy buildings and plots of land from us.

What type of buildings do you sell?

We sell SmartHomes, fully Detached Smart Duplex and Semi-Detached Smart Duplex, all with Boys Quarters {BQ}

What do you mean by Smart Home?

Smart Home is one that provides its owner’s security, entertainment, energy efficiency, safety and convenience at all times, regardless of whether anyone is home or no. A SmartHome is an embedded, integrated system that anticipates your needs and solves problems, often without your intervention.

What are the facilities available in your smart buildings?


– Control your door from your phone, even when you’re not at home

– Unlock the door from your mobile phone or via the indoor monitor

– Monitor who is at the door via the indoor monitor or remotely via mobile phones

– Talk with whoever is at the door


– View your home on your mobile phone or PC anywhere you are in the world

– 24/7 remote viewing of your camera feeds

– Recording of feeds

– Get snapshots of what’s going on in your house while away

– Rotate cameras from your mobile device

– Have coverts cameras in specific areas.


– Control your home music distribution system.

– Play music wirelessly through your phones, tabs, etc

– Play different music in different areas of your home

– Create different music scenes for different part of the home

∙ Smart/Automated Lights

– Conveniently control the brightness of lights via your mobile phone

– Energy efficiency bulbs

– Turn on and off light bulbs right on your mobile phones

∙ Smart Detector

– Fire alarms that can be triggered on right on your mobile phones

– A smoke detector that sends you messages on your phone any moment there is a smoke leakage.

– Gas leakage detector that sends you messages on your phone any moment there is gas leakage

Smart Sensor

– Burglar alarm system that can be triggered on right on your mobile phone

– Smart Security system

Is the maintenance of these smart facilities very affordable?

Yes, it is

What infrastructure do you have in your estate?

– Underground fibre optic deployment (around the estate)

– Asphalt road

– Underground electrical system

– Underground drainage system

– Street lights

Can I buy an already built house in your estate?

Yes, you can

How much can I buy a smart duplex in your estate?

The price would be determined by the present level of completion of the building as at the time you want to buy it

Can I pay in installment?

Yes, you can

How much do I need for a down payment?

50% down payment, then spread the balance on installment.

I want to build my house by myself, is it allowed?

Yes, it is

I will like to manipulate the interior to my taste, is it allowed?

Yes, it is

Can I bring my own personnel to build my house for me?

Yes, you can

Must my house look like other buildings in your estate?

Yes, it must look like other buildings (approved plan for the estate) externally but you are permitted to manipulate the interior to your personal taste.

What if my engineer doesn’t really get your house plan?

We have our Company’s Site Engineers that will work with your professionals to help them interpret and follow the details on the plan for a perfect outlook.

Can your company help me build my house?

Yes, we can

Do you have qualified personnel in your company that can help me build my house?

Yes, we do

But I have a home already, can I build/buy another one in your estate and lease it out for rent?

Yes, you can

Can I buy land and start building immediately?

Yes, you can, we encourage that a lot

Can I carry out my search about the plot number I want to buy in your estate?

Yes, you can

Apart from the cost of the land, what other fees I’m I to pay?

– Infrastructure fee which is 2million naira.

– Legal fee, which is 2.5% of the cost of the land, and

– Admin charge, which is 2.5% of the cost of the land, and

Are there security men in your estate?

Yes, we have uniformed armed security men

I want to see the building design first, can it be made available to me?


What’s the first step of the home buying process?

Put a call through to the Company’s Administrative Unit or visit the company’s website on www.crownluxuryproperties.com

Who can I talk to, to make the transaction?

Company’s Realtor within your reach or put a call through to the Admin through 09099997341, or 09099997342

Where is your office located?

Area 11, Jima Plaza, Opposite GTBank, by Sahad Junction, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria

Apart from Abuja (Nigeria), where else do you have your company registered?

Lagos (Nigeria), Accra (Ghana), Kigali (Rwanda)

Can I talk to people abroad to come and invest in your company or buy your products?

Yes, we encourage that

How soon should I expect to get a response from you when I send you a message?

Within 24 hours

Can your company help me buy/build a house that’s not within your estate?

Yes, we can