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Invest In The Connected Future

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Even people who aren’t in technology have heard of the Internet of Things (IoT). From SmartHomes to smart cars and smart everything in between, IoT is changing every elements of our lives.

In the same way the Internet started out as a more efficient means to send messages than faxes (at a very simple level) and evolved into the enabler of almost everything we do in our personal and business lives, IoT is not only relevant in certain applications like enabling a connected SmartHome or allowing utilities to monitor power usage or facilitating more efficient manufacturing but is also evoling into the connectivity that will link us to everything we use and to each other.

As much as it might appear to look like we’re in the early stages of what will become a highly connected world, the trend is changing faster than you can imagine. Just as millenials can’t conceive of a world without video calls and instant messaging, the future is one in which it will be hard to explain to the next generation how we got anything done without the connected ecosystems of IoT seeping into every bit of our daily lives – Mariana Krugar: General Manager, ICT Solutions, MTN Business

So fill in the blank space with a comment if you truly understand how revolutionary IoT has become. The best time to invest in a Smart Duplex is _______

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