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Why More Africans Are Investing In Smart Duplexes

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According to IT News Africa, the results of the Intel Security International Internet of Things Smart Home Survey show that people are excited about the prospect of bringing IoT solutions into their homes. The smart home survey polled over 9000 consumers in nine countries of various economic and developmental standings.

As technology becomes deeply embedded in the fabrics of the African continent, more and more people now rely on smart home to become truly savvy & upwardly mobile:

Affordability: Africans are becoming greatly encouraged by the increasing supply of affordable smart products in the smart home market.

Home Management: The less time you spend managing the home means more family time. From reducing the burden associated with managing your home to giving you valuable insights into the running costs of water and electricity, Africans are hungry to access these much-needed benefits too.

Local Adoption: Just like their global counterparts, Africans also expect smart homes to improve their quality of life.

Security & Safety: With the always-on, always-connected gateway that smart home provides, you never have to struggle to keep up with home & work fronts – this means being in two places at the same time. This means security & safety, comfort & convenience that you need to become successful at whatever you do.

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