Meet Africa’s Digital Realty Maestro, Dr Gbadewole Amos Kayode, 35 Years Old Owner of 11 Smart Estates With Over 2700 Housing Units
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Meet Africa’s Digital Realty Maestro, Dr Gbadewole Amos Kayode, 35 Years Old Owner of 11 Smart Estates With Over 2700 Housing Units

Meet Africa’s Digital Realty Maestro, Dr Gbadewole Amos Kayode, 35 Years Old Owner of 11 Smart Estates With Over 2700 Housing Units

Dr Gbadewole Amos Kayode started his business skills acquisition at a tender age from his experience while hawking for his mother. He took this with him into his life outside of their home. During his NYSC service year at Coscharis Company, Gbadewole developed the habit of saving 2,000 naira out of his meager weekly allowance. He had a definite sense of direction and that exact idea of what he wanted to do in life. So he gave up all momentary pleasures to save his money so that he could achieve his goals.

While Gbade was working with Coscharis Company. However, he never loses focus of what he wanted to do. Sometime in 2015, an opportunity presented itself. He was at work when a certain individual he had established a business contact within Abuja called to tell him that he had negotiated for a piece of land in the FCT but didn’t have the money to pay for it. Gbade took advantage of this opportunity and the business started from that humble beginning. He quickly applied for a loan of about one hundred and fifty (150,000) thousand naira from Coscharis Company to add to what he had saved and paid for the land in partnership with the negotiator and began to develop it.

While developing the property, interested buyers made deposits for the various kinds of properties they desired and he reinvested the money in other properties, and the business began to grow from then on. Today, Gbadewole’s Real Estate business with the brand name-Crown Allied Global Realty & Homes, has Seven Estates: Crown Luxury Estate, Airport Road, Abuja, Crown Oakland City,  Airport Road, Abuja,  Crown Golden City,  Airport Road, Abuja, Crown Sheffield City,  Airport Road, Abuja, Crown Vista City, Airport Road, Abuja, Hill Crest Estate, Guzape, Asokoro Extension and Crown Smart City, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos with well over 100 blocks of buildings.

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